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Listening to music has been proven to help you stay motivated, up productivity, and reduce anxiety. Choose faster tempo tracks – around 121 bpm – to increase performance or help maintain motivation at the end of the day. Dial it down to music with a bpm of around 60 when you need to focus.

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Another way to keep your home office looking neat and tidy — and your things easy to access — would be with help from a desk organizer or two. You’ll never have to rustle through an unorganized stack of papers again… Good-looking, effective storage tailored to your needs is a must, as is good lighting. If your work space isn’t separate from the rest of your home and you have no easy way of blocking it off in the evenings and weekends, go for a minimal approach. To stop home offices from feeling too perfunctory, injected warmth and personality with a carefully considered choice of antiques, sculpture and art.

Separate With a Screen

If not, find a space you can utilize as a makeshift office or at least add a home office desk. One of the best parts about a home office is that you can totally dictate its decor per your tastes. Good decor won’t just make your office space feel more inviting, it’ll also improve productivity. Tiny homes and shipping containers have inspired many homeowners to seek out home office ideas for small spaces, like the one pictured here.

  • If you’re looking for ‘home office ideas for her’, perhaps you’re hoping to work a little more comfort and decorative detail into the scheme.
  • ‘I might use a cordless battery operated lamp like Neptune’s Hanover which can be easily moved to close the desk,’ says Emma Sims-Hilditch.
  • Another way to keep your home office looking neat and tidy — and your things easy to access — would be with help from a desk organizer or two.

This explains why the new generation of workers are embracing standing desks. The humble mouse and keyboard are often ignored for larger, flashier equipment. Yet, they play a crucial part in improving productivity and comfort. Emily first (temporarily) joined the Real Homes team while interning on her summer break from university. After graduating, she worked on several publications before joining Real Homes as Staff Writer full time in mid-2018.

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The second-floor mezzanine of this renovated home by Mowery Marsh Architects now hosts a spacious home office that looks out onto the roof terrace. A design departure from the photo above, this bright, airy space is full of home office ideas for her. It’s feminine-chic with just-right touches of gold and natural materials. Your home office exists somewhere between your work life and your home life. Despite being part of your home, your office space should be secluded and soundproofed, so as to avoid constant distractions that extend your workday (check out these strategies to keep distractions to a minimum).

  • Offering solutions through blog posts, video tutorials, and product reviews can effectively engage the target audience.
  • There is a growing body of research that show that sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health.
  • The first – and probably the most important – thing to think about when designing a home office is where your home office ought to be located.
  • Aside from making a major design statement, kitchen flooring needs to be durable enough to hold up to everyday use.

We love this home office because all the colors are nice and soft and muted, so won’t be distracting – but the wallpaper print still adds a bit of subtle pattern. That on-trend cheese plant won’t just look great on your office shelves – adding houseplants to the space can also help purify the air, apparently helps absorb noise (who knew?) and improve productivity. This stylish space shows you how easy it can be to reclaim the space under your staircase and create a workplace in the process. We love the unfitted feel of this setup, which would work well in a variety of homes.

Try Accent Wallpaper

It’s impossible to concentrate when working in a stuffy room, so make sure your working space is well-ventilated. Basic wire management can go a long way towards improving your office aesthetic. It’s also fairly cost efficient as well — you’ll just need a few clamps and zip ties to manage messy wires. Here’s a great article from Lifehacker on managing wires with some cheap tools.

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