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Alcohol and drugs rewire your brain by changing how your genes work research is investigating how to counteract addictions effects

In addition to this, there are certain substances that could illicit incredibly dangerous effects if someone stopped using them cold turkey. It’s about a combination of biological factors that we need to understand. At Whispering Oaks Lodge, we stress the importance of genetics, how the brain works, and the impact of the environment. At Whispering […]

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How Do You Get Someone into Rehab?

Your loved one will likely be more willing to hear you if you talk to them in an honest, respectful, and caring manner, without being threatening or belligerent. Developing stress-management and self-care strategies will help you meet your needs first so that you can provide the best help possible to your loved one. You’ll need […]

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Surprising Ways Alcohol Speeds up the Aging Process

While limited research has investigated the impact of alcohol on worsening Alzheimer’s disease, epidemiological studies have suggested that alcohol use disorder may increase the overall risk of developing dementia. Increased Sensitivity to Alcohol Aging can lower the body’s tolerance for alcohol. Older adults generally experience the effects of alcohol more quickly than when they were […]

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