Dealing with Job Search Depression and How to Overcome It

An all inlcusive career growth and development portal where professionals can find authentic, expereinced and verified professionals quickly. ❌ Sending the same CV and cover letter to different companies is not the most effective strategy. Many people tend to cut off communication when they feel depressed. Even if you don’t have specific working hours, it is still better to have a scheduled routine. You can also create a list of criteria your desired company should meet.

  • They also stress the importance of reaching out to professional mental health services when feelings of depression persist or intensify.
  • Don’t waste your time on things that won’t produce results.
  • One important strategy for overcoming job search depression and avoiding feelings of failure is to celebrate small victories along the way.
  • Instead of fixating on the rejections and setbacks, take the time to reflect on what you have accomplished so far.

Let’s face it, depending on what industry and role you’re in, the job market may be the problem. While the government brags about job growth, much of that growth this year was in the public sector and places like manufacturing. Working with a coach early on in a job search could save you a lot of anxiety in the long run.

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Engaging in personal interests and hobbies can bring a sense of purpose and joy to your life, especially during the job search process. Setting realistic expectations is crucial when going through a job search process. Many individuals put immense pressure on themselves to find the perfect job right away, which often leads to feelings of failure and disappointment. Addressing job search depression isn’t just an individual responsibility—it’s a societal one too.

Job search depression is a real and valid experience that many job seekers face. It is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and frustration that arise from the prolonged job search. Repeated rejections, lack of feedback, and the constant need to prove oneself can take a toll on even the most resilient individuals. 53% say they’ve felt like they lost a piece of their identity during the job hunt process. 56% say they’ve experienced more emotional or mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, due to their unemployment. By directing your energy towards acknowledging your achievements, you can boost your self-esteem and maintain motivation throughout the job search process.

Job search depression is real: Here’s how to overcome it

Some people compare it to feelings of being broken up with. The only problem is you can be stuck with this situation for much longer than a break-up. Underuse of available resources
Browsing only job search engines narrows your vision and limits options. You miss many opportunities if you look for a job only on job listings. You should use your network to make your search easier and find the most suitable position.

One effective strategy to overcome feelings of failure during a job search is exploring alternative career options. Unemployment and the quest for finding employment — this balance can bring about anxiety, depression or pessimism among job seekers. It is reported that 56% of individuals grapple with such challenges during their job hunting journey according to recent studies.

Realize It’s Not Your Fault

A survey by the Pew Research Center found that about half of US adults who are looking for a job are pessimistic about their prospects for future employment. Poor interview performance confirms those negative thoughts about yourself. Feelings of inadequacy prevent you from putting your best foot forward and landing that job. Even if you are optimistic, losing a job can be stressful, and it becomes stressful when it takes longer to find a new job than expected.

overcoming job search depression

Policymakers should consider providing better mental health support for job seekers, such as subsidized counseling services or mental health workshops. Modern society dictates how we feel about ourselves in many areas of life, and your career is no exception. The first step in overcoming job search depression is acknowledging and accepting your feelings. It’s normal to feel discouraged and disappointed when facing rejection after rejection. Give yourself permission to experience these emotions, but don’t let them define your self-worth. Remember that rejection is not a reflection of your abilities or value as a person.

Finding a new career path

A positive mindset helps you embrace your imperfections despite your job hunting depression. Embracing your flaws can lead to feelings of personal satisfaction and success, rather depression and job search than feelings of failure if you don’t achieve something perfectly. Maintaining social connections is crucial for combating the isolation often experienced during job searching.

  • Going to bed and waking up at the same time benefits your physical and psychological health.
  • Consider what skills you need or plan to develop if you apply to a particular position in a specific company.
  • Having sleep disorders
    Depression often comes with sleep problems.
  • “You’d be surprised at what honesty and an optimistic view toward the future will get you,” Heath says.
  • This sense of achievement helps to maintain motivation and builds resilience in the face of challenges.